I love Beverlyhills Method Products. Finally, I found an eyelash conditioner that doesn't irritate my eyes. My eyelashes have grown 40% in just two weeks. I also tried it on my eyebrows and they growing too. The Liquid Eyeliner and Brow Liner Enhancer are easy to use, there is not smudge, run or flake. I can't wait to test the Mascara with Enhancer

Natalia Magdaleno
South Beach, FL 

I am using Beverly Hills Method and I am already seeing a difference, and I know more is yet to come ! I have been using it now for two weeks. Best product ever ! I have used a different product before but I experienced side effects! I'm glad to say that BHM is a safe product, and I love it!

W. Kaasamany
Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Beverly Hills Method clear enhancer for about 3 weeks on my lashes and brows. I wear eyelash extensions, and recently went to have them replaced. 

My eyelash therapist asked what I had been doing to my natural lashes as they had grown so long and strong. Also, I never had eyebrows and now, after using this product I have nice thick brows - they have grown finely for the first time in my life!

All my friends are wanting to know how to get this miracle serum. Where is it available? Congratulations on your product.

Linda G.
Johannesburg, South Africa


Finally, I have my lashes back! 

Sarah B.
Los Angeles, CA


I recently noticed thinning of my eyelashes and eyebrows, and was quite self conscious. I began to do some research on products that would both, lengthen and fill in my lashes and brows. I came across a few enhancers that seemed amazing but were extremely expensive. The most effective one, according to reviews, also carried potential side effects. This was all very confusing so, I decided to ask a professional...

I went to my Esthetician (also my friend) and asked if she knew of an AFFORDABLE product which could make my eyelashes and eyebrows fuller without harmful side effects. I really thought I was asking the impossible. As it turns out, I was not. She had just been introduced a few months before to BHM EYELASH ENHANCER and was thrilled to share it with me. Her lashes look great, she told me she never felt a single side effect. When she told me the price, I could not believe it. I HAD to try this. There was no risk whatsoever.

I am so glad I did try BHM, my lashes and brows have not looked like this since I was in my teens. Side effect free, and so so affordable. One unit lasted me a whole month! This is a gift to all women out there who want their eyes back!

Thanks BHM.¨

T. Soler
Westlake Village, CA


For a long time I searched for a product which could lengthen my eyelashes without making my eyes itch or burn like the others I had previously tried. At last I found it! My friend Vivi told me it worked for her and I decided to give it a try ...

I have now been using Beverly Hills Method Lash Enhancer for a month, and it has completely changed my lashes. I am constantly asked ¨What did you do to your eyes? You look so different!¨ And I really do. My lashes are thicker and longer, and I no longer wear the fake eyelashes that were my life savers. 

Beverly Hills Method Eyelash Enhancer really works. Just as my friend Vivi did, I am spreading the word so that everyone can benefit form my newly found treasure on a brush!¨

R. Sanchez
Santa Clarita , CA